the history

Tenute Bruno has been handed down for centuries from generation to generation, the art of cultivating olive groves and vineyards and the skill of producing the

finished product.The family comes from Oria, in the province of Brindisi, where until a few decades ago they still remembered the activities of Don Giovanni Bruno (great-grandfather of the current owners of Tenute Bruno).At that time (in the second half of the nineteenth century),

the olives are transported to the mill with baskets and bags, and the mill was powered by a horse; the oil obtained with so much effort was then stored in sacks made from pork skins.



Tenute Bruno

handed down for centuries ..

In 1910, the son Vincenzo took as his bride, in Maruggio, a local girl (Cantoro Addolorata), and here he built a

new building with the typical vaulted ceilings, which he used as an oil mill and wine cellar

The sons Giordano, Giovanni and Martino were soon associated with the activity of the mill and the cellar, thanks to family collaboration,

the economic activity was successful straight away and soon it was possible to purchase a second mill in nearby Torricella.


The well-known distressing circumstances of World War II unfortunately interrupted the economic success of the initiative undertaken,

because the young people were called to arms and the activity was subject to a partial slowdown, so that the mill at Torricella was sold and never regained.

In 1946 the son Martino, returning from the Russian Campaign, reorganized the activities providing for the subsequent

use of presses and millstones of modern conception with electric motors.


Since 1995, the mill has been managed by Martino's sons, who with relentless commitment have added farming activities to that of the oil mill with an emphasis on olive cultivation and wine growing creating a chain of supply and focusing on the quality of the finished product.

The farm company

Viticulture and production of oil

according to tradition

With an area of ​​over 100 hectares, Tenute Bruno has vineyards and olive groves with centuries-old plants reminiscent of ancient sculptures of Greek mythology.

Our plants are maintained and cultivated according to the strictest methods ofconventional and organic farming, as in the case of the vines still cultivated with the old sapling system.

For the ancient method of cold pressing of the olives, the company still retains and uses a crusher (or "millstone") in black granite stone with six mills, thanks to which you can extract a cold oil with excellent organoleptic qualities.

The whole production process also makes use for the oil and wine processing of a processing plant with advanced equipment and machines as required by law.




ancient and modern processes

In both productions of the estate they are combining modern manufacturing with the most ancient; for example, for the olives,

the harvest is gathered in the ripening time directly from the branch, and the pressing then conducted within 12 hours;

this process ensures a more golden pressing full of organoleptic properties.




and organic

For the wine production however the entire production process is carried out traditionally in order to get different kinds of wine including the Primitivo di Manduria, a full-bodied dry red wine typical of the Puglia region.


The farm produces a native ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil that will add a unique flavour to your table.


Among the strongest native productions of Tenute Bruno you can savour the character of PRIMITIVO DI MANDURIA DOP WINE, from the best of the area.

Tenute Bruno

excellence from the Salento area

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